Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 2012 Update

Wow! It has been so long since I have last posted a blog. So much has happened! About Hannah: I am currently living with my parents again. I just moved back in. I have lived with a friend in many different homes within the past year and a half. I am also currently looking for a job. I can drive but don't have a car so I sometimes borrow my parents car or ride public transportation. I love my family so much and I love to spend time with them. My kids are my world and I wish I could spend much more time with them but they live with their dad an hour away and he is not very nice and doesn't always let me see them when I'm supposed to. I enjoy photography and playing with photos, I enjoy shopping even if I don'd have the money to buy anything... I just like to look (it's relaxing lol), I love to text but don't really care to talk on the phone with most people, I love being outdoors when the weather is nice. I like to watch a few tv shows (Bones, Touch, American Idol) and I love chick flicks, romantic movies and comedies.
Ian: Ian will be turning 7 in August. He loves to play the Wii whenever he comes over. His favorite games are on the Wii Resort, he loves swordplay, basketball, golf and bowling. He loves to play outside when its nice (or anytime if I let him), he loves riding his bike and swinging on the swings the most. Ian has had some trouble with potty training through out his life and is now fully potty trained! Ian is in the first grade and loves his teacher. He loves telling me what he did at school.
Kylie: She just turned 4 this last March. She loves playing with her babies, coloring, playing with play dough, having her nails painted, playing with Ian's Vtech lap top more than her own. She loves her purse which is filled with her fun things like her favorite lip gloss(which she puts around her mouth and misses her lips lol), her Vtech phone, her hair things and cards. Whenever Kylie going potty she asks for a 'nummy' (candy)... She is potty trained going potty but not poo.